Thomas Riedy's Personal Site

Welcome to My Site

This is my personal and professional site.  Here you will see all that I have done and what I'm currently working on.  Please enjoy.

What's New

This website is my first ASP.Net endeavor.

Currently I'm studying for the MCTS SQL Server 2005 Exam.

What's Up Lately

The new year has already been very exciting! My wife and I spent part of New Year's Eve in the emergency room with our son, Camden.  He was playing tug of war with his older brother and he won.  Be sure to check out my blog, there's a great picture of his wound!

Professionally, I have set two personal goals for the year.  First, I want to attain my MCTS and MCITP in SQL Server 2005.  Second, I want to get back in school and work on finishing my Bachelor degree.  I know it's going to be a challenge but I need to do it!

I also have two rather big side projects in the works.  I am developing an application that manages the distribution of PowerPoint presentations at trade shows and industry conferences.  I am really excited as this project has been a great way for me to learn a new programming language, C# and refine my SQL skills.

Also, I am a partner in a new e-commerce site that will be launching soon.  Please look for more information and check out the site Quickmetals Online.

Late last year I also started my blog, Tombo's Tales. Please make sure to visit and you might get an idea of what my life is really like.